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POWER BRAND is a broadcast pr agency who works with a limited number of companies every year. 

In 2019, we will be working 
with a limited number of 30 companies only. 

20 Memberships for a one-year brand-building program with broadcast PR will be assigned upon personal invitation to highly selected and promising entrepreneurs in the UK

while 10 memberships for a one-year brand building program with broadcast PR will be accepted from inbound applications.

Only applications coming from companies operating in the tech, financial, hospitality and business consulting industries with a revenue between £250.000 and £10.000.000,00 pa will be reviewed. 
To be considered for one of the 10 memberships, 
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Before Applying for the Brand Building Program, 
the reading of all the books published by Robert Lingard 
must be considered COMPULSORY.
The Ultimate BUSINESS STRATEGY for Startups and SMEs.
"How can I stay in business and scale my business in spite of not having the marketing budget of the most classical business giant?". 

This is the question that the Italian brander and PR Pioneer, Robert Lingard, tries to answer in his second book SABOTAGE & SUBVERSION. The 10 Principles of Business Guerrilla

After an intense study of traditional and asymmetrical warfare lasted almost one year, Robert Lingard integrates the researches of the most insightful authorities in war history with the dozens of business case studies, coming up with a brand new approach in business strategy focused on the brand development of startups and SMEs. 
Published in 2017, BRAND TO SELL. Ignite your Influence and Build Your brand with Broadcast PR is the first book in the world ever published on how to strategically use broadcast PR in a brand building program for Startups and SMEs. 

Coming from direct sales, Robert Lingard, is known for pioneering the integratation of public relations and direct marketing, particularly when it comes to the distribution of the content related to media featuring. 

The book includes innovative concepts, like the Waterfall Effect, which tries to answer many questions of the Broadcast PR sceptics.  

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“Initially, we planned a marketing strategy that consisted of advertising our platform on social media sites and search engines promotions; however, we soon realised that our marketing expenditures started rising significantly while the conversion rate decreased, meaning that we were spending more to acquire less clients.  Working with Robert Lingard allowed us to reshape our marketing strategy, and design a new campaign that generated exceptional results.  We were very impressed by the motivation, hard work and high level of dedication that Robert Lingard demonstrated while working with us on a masterpiece PR strategy for Nofalo. Robert demonstrated exceptional marketing knowledge and was able to advice the team to implement various strategies that yielded to phenomenal results. His method in writing press releases in a specific format he himself has conceived, resulted in the company being featured on one of the most renewed online journals in the country (Algerie Focus). 
​ Being constantly feature in the media allowed Nofalo to change the marketing dynamics having inbound calls from our target that voluntarily called at our office to subscribe to the platform having clearly understood what we were doing thanks to an extensive media coverage”.  

Raouf Yousfi - Founder at

“I had the chance to attend a conference that Robert held at King’s College London. 
Branding and PR are part of a group of skills and techniques that are often underrated, and Robert managed to introduce the crowd to the
argument with brightness and clarity. I believe such knowledge shouldn’t be ignored. 
​Especially for those who are seeking an entrepreneurial career where skills like successfully building a brand and manage to convince and influence people are as important as the product itself. 
You can clearly see that Robert has got a complete awareness about his methods, topics, and skills.
In addition, it is very nice talking to him as he manages to explain an indeed complicated concept in an elegantly easy way.” 

Federico Mori – King’s Entrepreneurs Society 

"Thank you so much for your presentation this evening for the Entrepreneurs society at Brunel University.
I only found out about the event today and wasn't going to attend because of my cold, however,
I am glad I changed my mind.  
I found your presentation very insightful, particularly about how people buy perceptions, 
not products and how you need to create your own category to be different. 
I learnt a lot about brand positioning and the importance of public relations". 

Paris Reveira - Brunel Entrepreneurs Society

Hi Robert, I Would like to thank you again for speaking at our event at King's.
Your talk added an interesting edge to the evening and I really enjoyed hearing your ideas and your presentation on PR/branding. 
I felt you had some very unique ideas that I had not previously heard Kind regards,

Ben Pugh - King's Entrepreneurs Society

Marketing is a discipline, Marketing is not just advertising and PR is a tool to build your credibility 
- Robert Lingard's knowledge share session is what early stage startups need before committing to spending £$. 
Was great to hear and share tips with young entrepreuners at King's College London

Ali Soomro - King's Entrepreneurs Society

I didn't have any doubts in attending the event at Goldsmiths University
as you were going to speak about a topic that I am fully interested in. 
I expected to learn more about Branding and PR and you fully matched my expectations.
On top of that you helped me differentiate PR and Marketing.
Brand management was the most interesting topic
you introduced during the presentation as a form to maintain a good reputation with your clients.
I also learned to look at PR as reputation and marketing as perception.
Your preparation was very detailed backed with academic knowledge and experience about the topic
and I would highly recommend you as a guide for entrepreneurs
who need the right direction to build and scale their business.

Nelson Ssenyange - Gold Ventures 
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